ATAR Mathematics Exams for Schools

Looking for Math ATAR exams for WACE, QCE, SACE, VCE or TCE courses?

Our current and past papers are a great resource for schools as they prepare students for ATAR exams. All exams are closely modelled on those set by the assessment authority of each state. They also reflect the use of technology set out in individual curriculum documents. Our terms of sale permit unlimited duplication of papers within the purchasing school.

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WA Exam Papers

Papers are available for the following courses:

  • Year 12 Mathematics Specialist
  • Year 12 Mathematics Methods
  • Year 12 Mathematics Applications
  • Year 11 Mathematics Specialist
  • Year 11 Mathematics Methods
  • Year 11 Mathematics Applications

Queensland Exam Papers

Papers are available for the following courses:

  • Year 12 Specialist Mathematics
  • Year 12 Mathematical Methods
  • Year 12 General Mathematics
  • Year 11 Specialist Mathematics
  • Year 11 Mathematical Methods
  • Year 11 General Mathematics

What content do the exams cover?

Unit 1 and Unit 3 papers examine content from just those units, typically taught in Semester One.

Units 1&2 and Units 3&4 papers examine content from both units taught over the whole year, with an equal weighting to content from both units.

How are exams supplied?

Current semester exams and marking keys are supplied as password protected, ready to print, Word documents. We use the inbuilt Word equation tools for equations and FX Draw for diagrams. Thus purchasers are able to edit all questions, equations and diagrams.

We recommend using our papers as supplied - our team of writers has worked hard to produce examinations that are closely mapped to the courses and will allow all students to demonstrate their strengths.

Past papers and their solutions/marking keys are supplied as pdf documents.

Papers customised with school crest/logo

Many schools add their crest/logo to the cover page of our exams, but we can do that task for you. Simply email your state office a high quality copy of your logo and your customised papers will be supplied with logo in place, at no extra cost.


Current semester papers will usually be available for download five or six weeks before schools plan to use them. Check dates on individual state websites.

Past papers, in digital pdf form, will usually be available for download within a few business hours of placing an order.

Terms of Sale

Schools must take care of our papers and ensure that their staff and students only use them for their intended purpose. All purchasers should take time to familiarise themselves with the Terms of Sale set out on individual state websites.

Feedback on our papers

Your papers are fantastic. Nice well-worded questions with lots of challenges at different levels. We are very impressed.
We are very appreciative of the standard and quality of your suite of papers.
Really sorted out our students and validated our standards.
I was very impressed with the level of rigour and in particular, the amount of higher-order thinking in them.
Thank you for setting and producing such excellent exam papers.
I'm pleased to tell you your papers are held in high regard by many HOLA's.
The questions were well graded and a good coverage of the course. I also liked the balance of calculator and non-calculator questions.

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